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Monday, March 13, 2017

best free cloud storage :largest free cloud storage and top 5 best free cloud storage

Storing files in the cloud storage are now considered the most reliable process for data storage. Users store their files of the computer to various cloud storage services available for Windows and Mobile operating systems and best free cloud storage. This cloud storage offers different services at different rates. Every service has their own value and exclusive offers. Files of the computers can be automatically or manually synced into the cloud storage so that users do not have to worry about a loss of valuable data anymore.

Today we will be discussing some popular and well-known cloud storage services for your computer. Pros and cons of every service will be discussed. Let’s see which one will make the way through first of this best 5 online storage of 2016 list.

Top 5 best free cloud storage Reviews

5 – Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service developed by Dropbox Inc. It was released in 2007, 8 years ago from now. Dropbox offers various data storage plans for business and best free cloud storage. Dropbox is one of the most growing data storage solution in the tech market. Dropbox was a tiny startup that was started from Y Combinator Startup Program.

Dropbox comes with a free account with 2GB of online data storage. 2GB is enough for storing documents but if you are thinking about storing media files like music, video or photos then 2GB is not that much. Users can upgrade the basic account to pro by paying $9.99/month. In pro account plan, there is 1TB of storage. There are also plans for business or teams. Users can increase their free storage up to 16GB by referring to their friends. You can gain 1GB more by setting up a mailbox. Moreover, enabling camera upload feature will give users another 3GB of storage. It will automatically backup photos from your smartphone camera.

Dropbox is available on almost all the platforms. There is app or software for Android, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Linux, MeeGo Harmattan, OS X, Symbian, Windows NT, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile. Dropbox works by creating local folders in your PC. All items selected will be synced automatically to that folder and uploaded into your dropbox account. Files can be shared with others but permission editing is not allowed on the basic plan.

  1. App or software available for almost all devices.
    2. Easy file transfer and sharing system.
    3. Options to increase free account storage up to 16GB.
  1. No file sharing permissions in the Basic account.
    2. Shared file links often do not work.

Download Link

4 – Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft Onedrive is a top-notch cloud storage service of Microsoft. Microsoft launched this service in 2007. One drive is now available worldwide in 107 languages and best free cloud storage.

One drive comes with a free storage of 15GB. Users can additionally add another 15GB by selecting camera rolls option. Your photos from Windows Phone will be synced. Office 365 Paid subscribers will get 1TB of storage. Microsoft also offered 100GB free storage by signing up to a link. But In November 2016, Microsoft announced it will cancel the bonus amounts and cut the 15GB of camera bonus to 5GB. Onedrive has app for Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OSX and Windows.

Onedrice creates a sync folder in the user PC and all the selected files will be synced automatically. You sign in using your existing Microsoft account. For those who want to go premium can pay $6.99 per month for 1 user and $9.99 per month for 5 users. You can remotely access files another PC via onedrive websites.

  1. Available for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Mac OSX.
  2. Free 5GB storage.
  3. Sync with Microsoft accounts.

  1. No file encryption.
  2. Premium fees are higher.

Download Link

 3 –  Mediafire

Mediafire is a very popular file hosting and cloud storage platform and best free cloud storage. It was launched in 2006. Mediafire has a huge user base of 43 million. Mediafire is available on Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, usersBlackberry and web browsers.

Mediafire gives 10GB free online storage for user. This storage size can be easily expanded by performing various tasks. You can earn up to 32GB by referring to your friends.Installing mobile app will give 1GB. And a connection to facebook and twitter account will give you another 2GB of storage. If you post links on Facebook or Twitter you can get another 2GB of free storage. Altogether you can earn almost 50GB of free spaces in Mediafire. If you are still not happy with that, then Mediafire has premium plans. Pro users will get 1TB of storage by paying $3.75/month. Business plan starts with up to 100TB with $40/month.

In the basic account, upload files are limited to 200MB. Mediafire has drag and drops file upload feature. It has options to share and download files.

  1. Free storage up to 50GB.
  2. Mediafire is available on Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Blackberry and web browsers.
  3. Low upgrade price.
  1. Files sizes are limited to 200MB in basic account.
  2. Shows ads on a free account.

Download Link:

2 – Google Drive

Google Drive is a significant online cloud storage service and best free cloud storage by the tech giant Google. Google launched Google Drive in 2012. It has grown to 240 million monthly active users in such a short time. Google Drive is available in 68 languages worldwide.

Anyone using a google account will get 15GB of free online storage space in Google Drive. If you send large attachments in Gmail, it will be placed in your drive. Google drive is the backup solution for all the Google products- Android, Forms, Sheets, Docs, Photos, Videos, Blogger etc.

There is no way to get free spaces by referrals but users can get 100GB free storage by buying a Chromebook. Google Drive sync with Windows, Android, iOS, Linux easily and it is a hassle-free service. Google Drive has drag and drops upload option only for Chrom browsers. Google Drive has various premium service plans. You can get 100Gb for $1.99/month. 1TB for $9.99/month.

  1. Works and sync with all the Google services.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Free 15GB storage space and low premium pricings.
  1. No additional free space using referrals.
  2. Drag and Drop only available with Chrome Browser

Download Link:

1 – Mega

Mega is a New Zealand based online best free cloud storage service. It was launched in 2013. Mega is a feature richer and most secure cloud storage service. Mega provides file encryptions in every single process so that your files can be secure and safe online.

Mega offers a whopping 50GB of free space to the basic users. There is also an upgrade offer 2TB for 199 Euros per year and 4TB for 299 Euros per year. Mega has apps for Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, and iOS. It also has a sync software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use a Mega website to upload and manage your files. There are an option to share files and keep contacts.
There are several plans to upgrade your account. Lite plan is available for 4.99 Euro/Month for 200GB storage, Pro I for 9.99 Euro for 500GB storage. And there are options for 2TB and 4TB storages.

  1. End-t0-End encryption of files which makes it the most secure cloud service.
  2. 50GB free storage for users which make it unique.
  3. Availability of apps and software with all the popular operating systems.
  4. 2TB and 4TB upgrade option with reasonable price.
  1. No referral options to increase free spaces.
  2. No drag and drop upload options.

Download Link: