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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fast browser download : Free Download fast browser download for web Browsing

Web browsers is the most essential software for a computer. Without a browser you cannot explore the wide open world of Internet. So a good browser is necessary to increase your efficiency and time on browsing Internet so, you can fast browser download. There are over hundred web browsers to surf the Internet. Among them few are well recognized and popular. Web browsers for Windows, Android and Linux machines are different. We will be talking about windows web browsers here. Top 5 web browsers are listed in this article from least to the best.

Top 5 fast browser download Reviews and Download Link

  1. Microsoft Edge web browser

You may have already know that Microsoft Edge is the new name for the Internet Explorer is the fast browser download now. It is now well designed and faster than the other Internet Explorer versions. Microsoft offer this browser with all the versions of the windows operating system. So it has some default users. The UI of the browser is simple and bold looking.

  • Microsoft supports HTML5 technology. So it is easy to view almost all the websites.
  • Microsoft Edge provides new Developer tools for the Web Developers. You can use F12 key to open developer mode.
  • The browser allows users to pin web pages to the start menu.
  • Sharing is easy with Microsoft Edge. Users can share web pages and other applications easily by the share button.
  • There are dark or light themes.
  • The ‘Reading List’ feature helps to save and read any web page for later.
  • ‘Reading View’ help users to read distraction free.
  • The best feature of Microsoft Edge is that you can easily edit, mark and save the web page.
  • The new Microsoft Edge logo is much more standard than the old Internet Explorer logo. And it is much more faster.
  • Cortana is integrated into Edge. So now you can easily command Cortana to search for you through the browser.

Download From Here

  1. Safari

Safari web browser is developed and maintained by Apple. It is a well known browser for Mac OSX devices. It is also available for Windows. The latest stable release of Safari is 9.1 version. This browser is light and is really secure.

  1. Safari is best for Mac users. It is specially designed for Mac Users.
  2. The launching time and page loading time of Safari is really good.
  3. It is a lightweight browser.
  4. It lacks customization features like all the competitor browsers.
  5. The initial startup time of Safari is 1.85 seconds.
  6. It has options like Reading list, Top Sites, spelling checker, tabbed browsing and private browsing.
  1. Opera
Opera Mini is one of the most used browsers for mobiles. Opera is also popular for windows platform. It has a great usability and also some uncommon features.

  1. Opera is great for slower Internet connections. It compress data in a maximum rate.
  2. It has private browsing, history and all the common features of browsers.
  3. There are Ad Blocker and VPN inserted into Opera Browsers.
  4. The speed dialing features saves a lot of time.

Download For Windows

  1. Google Chrome
Chrome is the signature browser by tech giant Google. Google chrome is available for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. It is available in 47 languages. Google chrome is a free browser. It was first released in 2008.

  • Google Chrome has the most enriched add-in library. New add-ons are adding up everyday. It has over 12000 add-ons.
  • Chrome is faster than almost any other browsers.
  • Chrome offers automatic website translation from Google Translate service.
  • It has tabbed browsing, Private browsing, browser history management and other security features.
  • Users can manage theme, bookmarks and password from their own Google accounts.
  • It is a cross platform browser. Users can manage his account in Windows, Linux and other mobile devices easily.
  • chrome web store contains adequate theme, plugin, extensions and add-ons.
  • It has rick support knowledge base and tutorials.
Download For Windows

  1. Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is a browser developed by Non-Profit Organization Mozilla. It was released in 2003. It is considered the most secure browser for user privacy. Mozilla was awarded as the best privacy company in 2009.

  • It is available in Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS and Firefox OS.
  • This is the only open-source browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox supports HTML5.
  • It has tabbed browsing, history management, private browsing and all the common browser features.
  • It has built in PDF viewer.
  • Mozilla Firefox is tested as the fastest browser.
  • Firefox has a rich knowledge base and support forum maintained by the contributors.
  • It is translated into 79 languages worldwide.
  • Mozilla Firefox has rich add-ons library. There are a lot of customization features.
Note: Mozilla Firefox cares about user privacy a lot. It has ad blocking, tracker tracking, private browsing, forget buttons. There is also an integrated web chat option.

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